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UnivInks for your College

Setting up UnivInks is incredibly easy. The process is intutive and our Admin Panel makes everything a breeze.

No more spending heavily on hiring IT Staff for setting up and maintaing your college LMS. We have developed our product especially considering the ease of use for our users. However, in case a need arises we offer round the clock instructional and technical support.

With everything organised on their personal dashboards, students and faculties will definitely love the UnivInks experience.

UnivInks is everything your classroom needs

Forget the trouble of creating mailing lists or using multiple web tools like email and cloud storage services. With UnivInks, everything you need is just a click away.

UnivInks is not a standard web tool and we realize that “one size does not fit all.” We use the information provided by college during setup to create personalised dashboard for each student and faculty user.

Just use your college id to sign up and you are logged in to your dashboard. No setup required.

UnivInks lets users share files with other users within the classroom.Organised content at one place saves user from the trouble of using multiple web tools like email and cloud.

We encourage users to participate in ensuring a delightful experience for all on our platform. Users can use the "Flag Inappropriate" option to mark irrelevant content. Community reviews are taken very seriously so that everytime you log in to the platform, you get the content you came looking for.

Learning should never be confined to the physical boundaries of a classroom. Our discussion forum aims to extend student-faculty and peer-to-peer interactions beyond the lecture hall.

Faculties can post assignments using the platform and also receive submissions. The platform also allows the assignments to be evaluated online and give feedback to the students.

Upcoming submission deadlines, Approved submissions and other important notifications are delivered to the student via SMS.

More Features in the Pipeline

We are a product company and we believe that education is yet to be touched by technology the way it should have been. We look forward to bridge this gap and have more features lined up. Some of these are already into production and will be available soon.

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Tests & Quizzes

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Student Records

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Placement Module

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Course Planner


Being an early adopter comes with a host of benefits for your institution such as no upfront costs, free technical and instructional support and customization options to meet your specific needs. Not to mention, the easy to use intuitive user interface, personalised dashboards and data security with trusted Amazon Web Services that comes as a standard across all our offerings.

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